Monday, 27 May 2013

JSP getProperty action


What is the jsp:getProperty action?
The <jsp:getProperty> action is used to access the properties of a bean that was set using the <jsp:getProperty> action. The container converts the property to a String as follows:

  • If it is an object, it uses the toString() method to convert it to a String.
  • If it is a primitive, it converts it directly to a String using the valueOf() method of the corresponding Wrapper class.
  • The syntax of the <jsp:getProperty> method is: <jsp:getProperty name="Name" property="Property" />
Here, name is the id of the bean from which the property was set. The property attribute is the property to get. A user must create or locate a bean using the <jsp:useBean> action before using the <jsp:getProperty> action.

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