Wednesday, 29 May 2013

XML document


1.What is a well-formed XML document?

  • If a document is syntactically correct it can be called as well-formed XML documents. A well-formed document conforms to XML's basic rules of syntax:
  • Every open tag must be closed.
  • The open tag must exactly match the closing tag: XML is case-sensitive.
  • All elements must be embedded within a single root element.
  • Child tags must be closed before parent tags.
  • A well-formed document has correct XML tag syntax, but the elements might be invalid for the specified document type.

2.What is a valid XML document?

If a document is structurally correct then it can be called as valid XML documents. A valid document conforms to the predefined rules of a specific type of document:

  • These rules can be written by the author of the XML document or by someone else.
  • The rules determine the type of data that each part of a document can contain.

Note:Valid XML document is implicitly well-formed, but well-formed may not be valid